Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Yet? (Redux)

And the exciting news from my part of the world is (a) I continue to live under my Rock of Working and (b) I can't believe it's already been a month since I last wrote words to that effect.

I have been battling a recurrent stomach/intestinal bug. It seems to be related to eating eggs. Either I've developed some kind of sensitivity to them, which would suck, or I had a bad batch of eggs. I'd really enjoyed my winter meal of peas, potatoes (baked in the microwave), and eggs (pan-fried in a touch of olive oil). It was healthy and fast and cheap and used minimal dishes. A few extra peas always went into the fish tank for the veggie eaters. Now I can't have it anymore. Oh well, it's going to be salad time soon anyway.

Had a bunny in the backyard today. Haven't had many backyard bunnies since putting up the privacy fence. This one was hunkered beneath the birdfeeder amid a pile of spilled seed, eating as though there might be no tomorrow. That was one happy bunny. Saw a Fox Sparrow last week, a new bird for my "list." It must have been migrating through and just stopping to rest and fuel up for a few days. None of the pictures I've found do justice to this plump bird's beautiful gray-olive-brown back, streaked breast, and rusty-red tail feathers. Yesterday, Doug and I saw a woodpecker in downtown Minneapolis, of all places! It looked a little lost, poor thing. It was about 10" long and had a brown back and a distinctly red nape. We haven't been able to identify it, though -- frustrating!

On Monday, Doug leaves for Las Vegas for the GAMA trade show, and I'm going with him again this year. Vegas manages to be weird and boring at the same time, but I'll ensconce myself in a sportsbook area and play the horsies to my heart's content. I'll also be taking the laptop with me and . . . working!

I'm hoping that the trip breaks up my routine and gives me enough of a new perspective so that when I get back, I'll be able to tear myself away from the computer and clean up the house and yard, work on Diversicon publicity, answer e-mail, visit with people I'd like to spend time with, and do other life things. At least for a few days, before crawling back under my rock.

Just finished . . . a travel guide focusing on U.S. National Parks and a couple of professional development books for law enforcement officers. I also had the opportunity to edit the first draft of a creative nonfiction work by one of my favorite authors -- that was truly a special challenge and delight. Currently working on . . . a book about how teachers can use digital cameras in the classroom, another about being a school principal, and another about solving the problem of illiteracy. And there's a college guide on my desk. Coming soon are a travel guide for people who like to shop for antiques and a book for midwives. For the first quarter of 2007, my revenues ran about 22 percent above last year (when I was about as busy as I thought I could be); and so far this spring, things are bubbling right along, when last year they had already dropped off pretty abruptly. I'm just so relieved and excited and happy that I'm able to make a go of this!

Sebastian Mallaby wrote an interesting piece on the election decision-making process in the Washington Post: . A bunch of people wrote this interesting article last fall about voters' brain scans when they were exposed to video, etc. of different candidates (Rudy Guiliani was still the leading Republican candidate at that point): .