Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Bunny! Pain Free?!

Looked out my office window yesterday and saw a baby bunny under the birdfeeder. Yes, feed them and they will come . . . and make more of them. This bunny was about one-third grown, so the adults got busy a while ago. I'm sure this baby, in gratitude for the yummy birdseed I supplied, will never eat my Asian lilies, my Dutch tulips, or my veggies. Never! (Hah.)

But s/he's so cute!

Am currently working on an ambitious, and lengthy, book for school leaders. I've encountered the underlying theory -- Kegan's model of psychological development that posits the potential for growth throughout adulthood through six stages -- before, in a leadership class for women that was quite cool. So it's fun to read its detailed treatment and application to real-life situations here. Next week, I'm expecting three Advanced Placement test-prep books to come in. One will be on macro- and microeconomics, a subject with which I had no end of trouble in college because of all the pesky acronyms; we'll see if I can finally get a handle on it!

Due to some rescheduling, my final training class for Kaplan Test Prep was Thursday night, and my graduation will be this coming Thursday. I taught-back what I knew would be the toughest section for me, the math that involves drawing three-dimensional figures on the board without (a) making such a mess of them that they're more confusing than enlightening and (b) boring the class to death while I sketch. It didn't go great, but that was kind of the point -- and I learned what I need to do to make sure it does go well next time. I also did a second teach-back, this time with a two-dimensional figure, and it did go great, so I feel that I've got it. Another shout-out to our awesome teacher, Kristin Anderson, future immunologist extraordinaire, who holds so much intellect, beauty, and positive energy in one body, it's just not fair. :) Between now and the end of the month, I'm going to try to go in when the classrooms are empty and teach a couple entire two-and-a-half-hour sections to make sure I've got any wrinkles ironed out. I want to make sure I don't disappoint my students.

Got all the Friends School Plant Sale plants in the ground, and I think everything's still alive. Fingers crossed it stays that way! My seeds in the veggie patch are starting to come up, too -- the soil's finally warm enough for them to germinate. Last Saturday night, we had a frost advisory, and I was putting buckets over everything tender; by Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, we were breaking the record highs for the days with temps in the 90s. So as the saying goes: Don't like the weather? Wait five minutes!

What we really need now is rain -- we're 3.2" behind for the season, almost 2" behind for the month -- but the forecast doesn't look promising. I've got the plumbing problem with the garden hose fixed with duct tape -- yes, duct tape! Wonderful, glorious stuff. It's holding up really well. So no more watering a bucket at a time for now.

Politics: U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) rocks my world. She's so smart and so sensible. She was on MPR's Midday program the other day, and I just enjoy listening to her so much. I would love to see her be our first female president.

I may have licked my ankle-nerve-pain thingie!!! For the last . . . year? shorter? longer? . . . I've had -- on top of the chronic demons-with-flamng-pitchforks-are-stabbing-me-behind-the-ankle-bone thing, which I can basically manage (keep below the pain threshold) by not doing certain things -- severe pain in the left heel whenever I stand up. I put this down to being out of shape, getting older, being sore from a workout, blah, blah. Finally it got to the point where I thought, hey, maybe this is an actual thing. So I used the ever-friendly Google . . . and lo and behold! It's an actual thing. I have plantar fasciitis. And as long as I rest the foot on ice after exercise or prolonged standing, I have no pain whatsoever. And -- the chronic ankle-nerve-pain thingie seems much less active below the pain threshold. Yay for self-diagnosing via the Internet! Yay for ice! Yay for being pain-free! Yay for being able to work out every day without worrying about pain!

Doggies got their annual blood panels (we get full panels along with their heartworm tests), and they are both completely normal in every way. Nice to know.

So now it's a totally freaking awesome gorgeous day outside, and I'm going outside to be out in it.


  • Why I'm reluctant to try repairing the old pipe that feeds the garden hose myself: .

  • Fascinating county-by-county electoral college map that lets you slice and dice the data many different ways.

  • I think I like the French: "The French spend more time sleeping and eating than most people and also live longer, a fresh study by the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has shown."

  • A millefiori ("thousand flowers") bowl like the one in this picture was found in an ancient Roman cemetery in east London. It's the only surviving one known from the Western Roman Empire. The design "is a mosaic of hundreds of indented blue petals with white bordering." At one point, it had a car park built on top of it.

Roman Dish


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