Monday, March 9, 2009

She's Trouble with a Capital "C"!!!

Cat Bootsie, that is. I'm getting ready to stuff her in a box and ship her off somewhere. Kidding, of course. I adore her. But she's a total pain in the ass. I've been working mostly on hard copy for the last couple of weeks, including two massive test-prep books for the GMAT (business school exam), and she seems to view manuscripts as her natural prey. She's relentless too. No matter how many times I pick her up and put her on the floor, where she has a fleecy thing to lie on and a heating vent she likes, she jumps right back up and insists on being front and center. She attacks the manuscripts, my pen, and my arms. Then when she senses my frustration, she starts purring and rolls over to show me her tummy. I have to shut her out of my office, but then she claws at the door. So I have to shut her out of that section of the house, putting two doors between us, to have peace. And then I feel guilty for being so mean to the adorable kitty.

I was searching on to find her a little kitty friend to play with, but I think she needs to remain an only kitty. We just can't risk the litter box politics that plagued us with our previous two cats. Also, Bootsie's so intense, I'm afraid a lot of other cats would be intimidated by her. Plus, if they ganged up on me, I'd be totally out-kittied!

I haven't blogged for a while because life has been mostly quiet. I've been working up a storm, despite having a cold that lingered for weeks. Bleh. (Like the last cold, which I got after Christmas, this one was a result of close proximity to little bundles of germs joy.)

I also had a scare when I went for a routine eye exam to get my prescription updated (close-up, detail vision is pretty blurry) and couldn't focus my right eye. Then the doctor found some odd pigmentation on my right macula. I followed up by going to a retina specialist who diagnosed me with pigment dystrophy, which means I have funny macular pigment. He said some doctors would diagnose me as having macular degeneration and prescribe vitamins, but I was too young to be worried about that yet. From all this, I gather I have the very beginnings of macular degeneration but won't need to worry about my functional eyesight for a long time. By then, I hope they'll have a cure more definitive than "large amounts of antioxidents might have a preventive effect in some people."

Bunny (or maybe more than one bunny) continues to visit nightly for the smattering of birdseed I toss under the feeder. A few weeks ago, the snow cover had retreated quite a bit due to sublimation (it was bitter cold, but the snow evaporated because the air was just so dry), and I saw another bunny a few blocks from home who had come out to try to find something to eat. That bunny was skinny and scruffy. The bunny(ies) in my yard is fat and sleek. When Bunny strips the leaves from my Asiatic lilies in the spring, I know I will not find Bunny so cute.

I'm getting impatient with all the talking heads in the media claiming that the Obama presidency is hosed. The guy's been in office two months. He's got four years. No, he hasn't turned around the recession yet; no matter what anyone does, the economy will start perking up next year. No, he hasn't brought bipartisanship to Washington yet; you don't change a deeply entrenched culture by flipping a switch. It's taking longer than anyone would like to fill positions; it always does. (Though I don't understand (a) why these people don't pay their freakin' taxes and (b) why it's vetting for a government position, not an IRS audit, that catches them.) Yes, he's talking about health care and global warming and Afghanistan in addition to the economy; yes, he can multitask, even if the media has trouble doing so. Everybody: Lighten up!


  • Histiophryne psychedelica is a recently discovered tropical fish that uses legs to "hop" around coral reefs, a behavior never previously seen in any other fish with legs. Check out the University of Washington article here, which includes video. Photo below ┬ęDavid Hall/

  • In a study in contrasts, here's another recently discovered fish, this one from a depth of 2.8 miles near Anarctica.
  • According to a supercomputer named ThamesBlue, the oldest words in the English language may be I and who. The word dirty may die out fairly soon.

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