Saturday, January 23, 2010

Huh. Where have I been for the last four months?

Well, working mostly. And on . Even when I can't begin to summon the energy to blog, I can always muster 140 characters. Have to admit -- I was a Twitter sceptic. Who the heck needs that in their lives? But I use it to follow a bunch of stuff in lieu of going to lots of separate websites. And to keep up with friends and see what cool stuff they're up to and links they're sharing and share my own discoveries.

Back to the working thing: I thought I was putting in about 80 hours/week, because that seemed like the upper limit I'd heard of a workweek being. Then in December I ran some numbers through a calculator and realized it was closer to 100 hours/week, at least for a lot of weeks. That's insane! However, with the economy the way it was last year (and still is this year, so far) and with the ever-present possibility that freelance work will suddenly dry up, I'm *not* complaining. On the other hand, I did get a little crispy in the brain. Plus, my totally sedentary lifestyle -- I see my bed . . . Now I see my desk . . . Now I see my bed again . . . -- led to my old neck injury (from bending over a laptop for six weeks during Clarion 2000) to flare up in a really bad way. Gods, but the pain and pins-and-needles were distracting!

However, I was working on all sorts of interesting and challenging stuff, including doing the equivalent of copyediting instructional videos for Kaplan's new GMAT curriculum.

And we used some of the extra dough to buy a bed with a headboard and footboard (not just the metal frame we've always had) and a new mattress set and everything. In case you're just tuning in or lost the thread of the story, three years ago, when we got the main floor of the house remodeled, we moved all the furniture into the basement to get it out of the way. The king-sized mattress went down the steep, narrow stairs easily enough -- we could not get it back up. No way, no how, wasn't going to happen. The new bed is in a "sleigh" style, and the wood finish goes beautifully with the colors and furniture already in the bedroom. It barely fits in the room (king-sized bed to accommodate the dogs), but we don't care. Sleeping in it is incredible, amazing, beautiful, wondrous . . . It's a really comfortable bed! Definitely worth every penny.

I stumbled across an amazing massage therapist who's done wonders for my neck, I've been making time to work out most days since January 2, and as of about 24 hours ago, I've had no assignments on my plate. I get a long weekend! First thing I did? Sleep for about a day. LOL! I guess I was tired!

Update on Sparky and Bootsie: When Sparky joined our family, Bootsie wanted to rip out his liver. Now they play together every day, and if Cubby Bear is harassing Sparky, Bootsie runs out from whatever room she's in and faces down the mastiff. "Don't mess with my Sparky," seems to be her attitude.

Sparky is technology minded. He is an expert at unplugging my computer -- he figured out very quickly that gets a big reaction! He also enjoys printing test pages on the printer -- finds that quite exciting. Bootsie does that, too, but I think he's more intentional about stepping on the button. He's tried very hard to take apart Doug's laptop, removing one key for sure -- fortunately not an important one -- and working at damaging the ports along each side. He also figured out quickly that sitting atop the aquarium and flipping the lid repeatedly -- bang! bang! bang! -- gets attention. And he removed the little off trigger from the aquarium light timer, so I have to remember to turn off the light manually every day. His absolute favorite thing to do is play with his feather toy, and I try to indulge him at least once a day. Mostly, he's a big pain in the ass, but he's smart and cute and has definitely made Bootsie's life more interesting.

Now watching the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Spokane, Washington, and the Australian Open (tennis) in Melbourne. Is it possible to be in all time zones at once?

Health care: Don't even get me started. Just . . . I'm not even going there.

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