Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rottie AJ Loves Kitties!

The big news here is that after eight and a half years of keeping our Rottweiler, AJ, separated from the cats because we didn't feel we could trust her around them, we finally felt we could leave the doors open and let them mingle. And she loves them! And they like her. Boy cat Sparky even plays tag with her, bouncing up to her face and then bounding away. Sometimes she gets all intense about girl cat Bootsie, putting her nose right up to Bootsie's and sobbing. Bootsie eventually gets sick of this and swats the dog. Getting a nose swat from Bootsie is clearly the high point of AJ's day. It just delights her. From our point of view, having doors open means there's no longer always some critter wanting to be on the other side of a door. Plus, it's just very nice to feel like one big family.

In other critter news, Sparky has long known that unplugging my computer gets a big reaction. He has now figured out that unplugging the aquarium mechanicals is a fun thing to do. Fishies are swimming around, bloop-bloop, and suddenly no light, no heat, no fitler! Note that he doesn't go around unplugging, say, lamps. Oh no, where would be the fun in that? He unplugs things that need to be kept plugged in. Smart and evil, this kitty. Good thing he's cute . . .

Hmm . . . what else? It's been over four months since I posted, so I guess it's obvious I've been busy. Edited lots and lots of books, including a wonderful biopsych textbook from which I learned so much. I also just finished a book for critical care nurses who are preparing for a certification exam. Holy cats, I can't believe how much they are responsible for when dealing with extremely sick patients. That seems like a tough job. And I got to work on an interesting collection of scholarly essays about President Obama's foreign policy in the first part of his presidency. Coming up next is a book on bullying prevention. So lots of variety, as always. I may have even more variety soon: I just heard that I probably passed a proofreading test for a new client. However, I need to wait until the publisher approves before it's official, so it's still up in the air.

I've also been teaching GRE classes for Kaplan Test Prep -- a new one just started -- and working with several tutoring students. It's really a pleasure to work with people with high aspirations and help them achieve their goals, especially when they're willing to work hard to reach those goals.

I've even been reading for fun. I know -- hard to believe with all the reading I do for work! But fortunately I love the written word enough that I can still enjoy curling up with a book. (Haven't gotten an electronic reading device yet -- I'm waiting until the industry settles on a standard.) Still taking baby steps researching for a potential thing I might write (key words: "baby steps," "potential," and "might"). This has involved reading novels by Colette and collections of short stories by Virginia Woolf and Kate Chopin, as well as revisiting Frances Hodgson Burnett's books for children. All interesting stuff, so even if I don't take the plunge back into serious writing, I'll have gotten in a bunch of good reading.

The veggie garden was a real success this year, actually feeding us amply despite the bunny's depredations of the green beans. I guess that after years of trying, I've finally figured out how to grow vegetables! The plan is to expand it by about 50 percent next year and add broccoli and other yummies.

Truly gorgeous fall weather this week and last -- sunny and crisp to warm. Perfect!

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